First day of October

It’s the first day of October and it’s also the first weekend of hockey season.

Fall has officially started.

Today was the first day of hockey season for the WWFHA 8U girls team. Even though we didn’t play a game, we just scrimmaged each other, the girls did a great job playing hard, and skating around. We’ve got some stuff to work on, but in the meantime, I’m pretty happy with how things turned out.

Today was also the first double header for Northeastern hockey; the women played earlier today, and the men just had an exhibition game against the Canadian team Acadia.
I was listening/watching both of these games, like the true fan that I am, and I am so excited for what’s to come.

Fall has been here for a while in Seattle, but now that it’s finally October, I am so excited for the leaves to keep changing colors, and for the weather to get even cooler. I’m trying to find some time when I can head out to the countryside and do some apple and pumpkin picking, like the true New Yorker I am.

Let’s get this hockey season rolling.


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