Early morning wake ups

Some of the members of the men’s masters team at the boathouse have early morning erg sessions during the week, and they invite any one who is interested in waking up that early and doing a set piece for an hour or so. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This week I went twice; on Wednesday and Friday. You would think it’s hard to wake up that early, and I’ll be honest, it kind of is, but it also isn’t. I know it’s weird but when you have to RSVP and tell people you’re gonna be there, you’re holding yourself accountable for showing up. This is the same way that November Project works; if you tell someone you’re gonna be there, you better show up because otherwise you’re letting down the people who you told you were gonna be there for.

So on Wednesday we did 16 minutes on, 4 minutes off, 3 times. Each 4 minutes we would increase the stroke rate, making it harder to keep on tempo and making you more tired. This morning we did a long workout, where we went 1′ on, 1′ off, 2′ on, 2′ off, all the way up to 6 minutes before working our way back down. This one was difficult for me, because we had to keep our stroke rate really low, and I wanted to go fast.

Now that I’ve started erging, I have a benchmark of where I am in terms of power and speed. I need to work on my power, and exert it as hard as I can off the blocks every time I row. I know I’ll be getting better, I just have to keep getting up before the sunrise and workout.


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