Wake up and grind

In Boston I didn’t get to take as much advantage of the November Project as I would’ve liked. Part of it was that I was really lazy for waking up at 6am and going to the workout, and the other part was that the workouts were really far away. The Monday workouts would rotate, but either I wouldn’t hear about it in time, or they were way far away so I couldn’t go. On Wednesdays they’re at Harvard stadium, and I’ve been there a few times, but it’s a three mile drive, so it’s hard to get to unless you have a car or a bike. On the weeks that I did, I would drive over; plus they also have a 530am edition of the stairs, so when I had VC shifts at 8, I could still make it on time. Fridays are in Brookline on Summit Ave, another hike from my apartment on the other side of the Orange Line.

Since I’ve been in Seattle, I’ve made an effort to go to as many NP workouts as I can, and the good news is that I can usually walk to half of the workouts! On Wednesdays they’re at a park on the north side of the lake, called Gas Works Park; I usually drive there to make it on time. Fridays rotate around the city, and we’ve been to some pretty cool places, including the Howe Street stairs in Eastlake, the Space Needle and Olympic Sculpture Park, Cal Anderson Park, and the Greenlake Aqua Theater.

All summer, getting up early and working out has been easy, since the sun is usually up by the time I get to the location. It’s a little bit harder now that the sun isn’t rising until 645am or even later. One of the things I’m really loving about that though, is seeing the sun rise and the city start to come alive. One day I’m going to get an awesome sunrise pic (between sets of pushups and burpees of course).

I always wear a Northeastern shirt to the workouts, partly out of habit, but also because it’s all I have. It’s amazing how many people come up to me and ask me if I’m from the “OG” tribe (OG means “original gangster”, or in other words, someone who has been around for a while and is original). I’ve met other Northeastern grads, people who went to school in Boston and are now out here too, people who come and visit from the Boston tribes who recognize the logo and ask me if I know someone they do. It’s awesome to be able to have all of these people immediately know something about your city or school. It also doesn’t hurt that NP was founded by two Northeastern rowers, so everyone kind of has to know about us if they want to be a part of the cool kid group.


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