Beach walks

All last week I had planned to drive out to Fort Worden on the Olympic Peninsula and walk around someplace new. However in true Seattle fashion, I woke up on Saturday morning to overcast weather and some rain. A few friends from work had said they would go with me, but the weather turned them off to the idea, and I also felt like the perfect way to spend the day was inside with a warm cup of tea.

When I got back from crew around 11, I showered, had brunch with my roommate, and tried to think of things that I could do for the rest of the day. At first, I wanted to drive out to Fort Worden by myself, but the two hour drive wasn’t so appealing when I knew it would be cloudy and a bit boring. Instead I decided to head to Alki Beach, an area in West Seattle that is very reminiscent of Cape Code, and some of the other waterfront towns on the east coast.

It was my kinda beach day.

I like going to the beaches when the skies are dark, and the water is cold, and the waves a crashing up against the shore. Don’t get me wrong, I also love going to the beach on a nice day, but there’s something so calming about watching the chaos out on the water from a beach side view. I had wanted to go to the Lighthouse, but as I walked up, I found out that the lighthouse had closed for the year, and wouldn’t reopen until summer 2017. I kept walking around by the beach, and then up and down some of the nearby streets where I did some house shopping (as I always do). At one point I went to the main strip of the area, got a coffee, and sat while watching the walkers, joggers, and families all cross the path along the water.

Eventually it was time to head back, and on the way home, I stopped at Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the apartment. Overall it was a very productive day as I was able to buy some flowers, hang up some posters and pictures that I’d been waiting to hang up, and also watch a few more episodes of Friends.

Since I’d spent most of the day by myself, I really wanted to not be in my apartment for the rest of the night, so I asked a few friends if they wanted to go to dinner, and we met up at YardHouse downtown. It was great to relax and bit, eat good food, and just talk to friends about life and work. Since we were right next to Pike Place Market, my friend and I decided that we would take a detour home to see some of the neon lights. I actually really like the market at night because no one is there; it’s so quiet and serene, and also kind of eerie. They would make a killing running a haunted house through the market at night.

Overall it was exactly the kind of day that I needed: a solid workout in the morning with rowing and lifting, a nice walk during the day around a new part of town, and an awesome night out with a friend.

These fall days are my absolute favorite; there’s really nothing like warm apple cider, wearing your favorite leggings and sweatshirt combo, and walking around outside, hearing the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet. Let my favorite season begin.


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