Weekend with Mamma (part 1)

This past Saturday, I picked up mamma from the airport in Seattle for the long weekend that she was going to be spending on the west coast. I guess I should say that it’s technically a long week, since she spent 3 days in Seattle with me, flew down to San Francisco for a 2 day conference, and then is coming back up the west coast for another 2 days in the Emerald City.

This is the first time I’ve seen mamma since I left for my roadtrip back in May, so needless to say, I was very happy to see her.
It’s been so much fun having mamma here and not having to do all of the super touristy things that I usually end up doing with people who visit. We’re able to walk down to Pike Place and just hang and have breakfast; drive to brunch in Ballard and then walk around the Chittendon Locks; even drive over to the Arboretum by UW and look at the foliage.

It was definitely a very relaxing weekend overall, exactly what both of us needed I think. I even was able to take mom out to the boathouse where I rowed (and fell in the water, but we got back in, so it’s all good).

It’s more fun now that I can show mamma more of what I’m doing during the day to day life of AM, instead of having to show her Seattle and be rushed around. Mamma is going to be back on Thursday for another two days before heading back home (I think).

After that, my next visitor is Pappa, who is coming in the last weekend of September, and then hockey season starts up for real with games, and even more practices. I can’t wait.


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