Another end of summer

Just like that, it’s the last week of summer. Today is the last day of August, this weekend is Labor Day, and after that hockey, football, and pumpkin everything will take over.

It’s been an awesome summer filled with good friends, good times, and good places.

This summer I drove across the country, hiked mountains, started a new job, moved to a new city, learned how to row, moved apartments (twice), made new friends, and kept the old ones. I’m sad that summer is over, but I’m excited for the year to start and for everyone to be back where they’re supposed to be.

During the summer months, everyone is pretty spread out, doing different things, either on vacation, on coop, in classes, or just away from everyone for a few months. Fall brings everyone back together with classes. I now know where all of my friends are going to be, and more importantly, I know that when I visit school, I’ll be visiting all of my friends.

Fall brings us back together, and I can’t wait to be together with my friends and the people I love and care about. There’s also so much more happening in the fall than in the summer. Hockey season is going to start in a few weeks; football season starts this week, and soon enough all Northeastern sports will be back in action.

And birthdays! Can’t forget about birthdays! The first birthday of the fall is my friend Rob’s in September, then it’s mine in November (and of course I’ve got that planned), and then it’s Thanksgiving when I get to go home and hang out with my friends for a week.

So shorts season may be over, and soon I won’t be wearing my flip flops to and from hockey practice, but I’m ok with that, because Fall is the start of the year, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of 2016.

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