Wearing the stripes

For the past four years, I’ve worked on campus as an intramural referee for hockey and broomball games, occasionally making my way to other sports, like soccer, and flag football. It became a staple in my life, something I always knew I had to do and could always count on to happen. At the start of my intramural career we worked really late hours, 10pm – 12:30am most nights. NU kicked Wentworth off our ice before my middler year, so all ice times got better. Our intramural shifts started earlier, and thankfully also ended earlier. Interestingly enough, working all of those hours got me used to having a job that ran at late hours. It also gave me something to do on the nights where I didn’t have hockey practice or anything, and it was something I needed. I hate being home at 8pm and not having something to do, because that’s when I always either started getting ready for hockey practice or another shift at the rink.

Although I never really liked the officiating part of the job, I loved the fact that I was able to manage people and train them to be better employees, referees, and maybe even people (I hope). After a month or so here, I realized that I needed more hockey in my life (because coaching for almost all of the teams in the org isn’t enough right? Wrong) so I decided that I would get re-certified in officiating so I could make some extra cash on the side.

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early, grabbed a cup of coffee, and drove the half hour up to Everett, WA for the USA Hockey clinic. It was exactly like every clinic I had ever gone to for any reason, and it took forever. Luckily, the last thing I had to do that day was take a quick quiz, and once I finished I left as quickly as I possibly could.

I think it’s interesting to see how these organizations work and also just to see all of the people that I am going to be working with over the foreseeable future as an official. The only cool part about the day was that we got to skate on the ice of Xfinity Arena, which is a solid venue for a semi-professional-ish game.

We’ll see what happens with the officiating and how much I actually do, but this at least gives me an option of something that I can do to keep myself busy when I need that extra activity every now and then.


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