Bears Head Mountain

This past weekend one of my friends from school was in town vising UW, where he’s applying for med school, so I had the chance to be a tourist again.

On Saturday we walked around a ton, and watched the Mariners game. It was a solid day and night overall and by the end of it we were both exhausted and ready for day 2.

We woke up early the next morning because we were going to be driving two hours south to Mount Rainier for our hike. The road was treacherous, and we crawled up the last seven miles on a dirt road, but we made it, and soon enough we were hiking up Bears Head Mountain. When we had started driving in Seattle, it had been really cloudy from the ocean, but the further southeast we were heading, the more it cleared up. We were both happy to find that the sky was absolutely crystal clear the entire hike up.

As we started climbing the 2.5+ miles up, we started getting glimpses of some pretty incredible views, and soon enough we turned a corner and saw Mount Rainier.

I will always be blown away whenever I see that giant mountain; it never gets old.

When we got to the top we of course took a bunch of pictures and relaxed for a bit. As I was looking around I could see all of the clouds slowly creeping through the Cascades as they were coming in from the ocean. Directly to the north I could see the outline of Mount Baker peeking up through the clouds, and the fact that we could practically see Canada, made my morning. Looking east we saw the ranges, and then a sudden drop off, so I knew that on the other side of those ridges was nothing by flat land and some desert. Hopefully I’ll be able to explore eastern Washington at some point, just to see what’s out there.

There was an American flag hanging from one of the pine trees at the top of the ridge, so the theme for the remainder of the afternoon was “Make America Hike Again”.

The drive back was long, but worth it. My friend fell asleep as I was driving home, and once we got there, we grabbed towels and headed to the beach to relax for a bit. Overall it was an awesome weekend, filled with a ton of adventure. I did fall while we were hiking and cut my knee, but besides that, both of us came away unscathed.

Tonight is his last night in Seattle, so we’re gonna grab dinner and drinks, before heading up to the top of the Space Needle to hopefully catch a decent sunset. I’d say it’s one of the better ways to end a vacation; with a gorgeous sunset, good food, and good company.
Thanks to Tim for finding cheap flights and for making me be all touristy as I was showing him around Seattle.


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