Another Paint Nite

A few weeks ago I got an email from Paint Nite, an organization that hosts painting “classes” at various locations across the country. Looking through the calendar of the different paintings and their locations, I decided to sign up for on that was happening last night at the Ward Johnson Winery. My friend Meagan from work also signed up, so last night we walked down to the winery, and spent two hours painting.

All Paint Nite’s are held at places that serve alcohol, as this is a 21+ only event, so when we arrived, we tried a few of the wines that they offered, and each bought a glass before sitting down and settling in.

Since I’d been to a few of these before, I had an idea of what to expect, but each experience is different because of the teacher, the environment, and who you go with. The first Paint Nite I did was at the Paint Bar in Boston (highly recommend if you haven’t been yet), where we painted Mama Duck and her seven ducklings walking on Beacon Hill. It took me 18 months before I was able to return to the Paint Bar to do my second painting, a snowy night on Comm Ave, with Mike.

Back in March, one of Mike’s friends was raising money for her run in the Boston Marathon and held a Paint Nite close to campus. It was a fun night filled with fellow Northeastern students, and our sunsets on the ocean paintings came out great.

Even though the Paint Nite’s are a bit expensive to do too often, they’re still such a fun event, and an easy way for you to decorate any apartment or house. It’s also just a great way to relax and use different muscles than the ones you normally use on a day to day basis. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a painting that features more of the Seattle skyline, but in the meantime, I’m happy with my beachy masterpieces.


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