Lake Union 10K

This past weekend I ran my first ever 10K, and finished with a time of 1:01:10.


I was pretty psyched with how I finished, mainly because it was only the second ever time I’d run 10K continuously, and because after the race, there was free french toast. Yes, food always gets me going.

I started thinking about running in a race back in June, because one of the first weekends I was in Seattle, there was a marathon. I did some research and found the Lake Union 10K, the perfect race for me to run because there was no driving anywhere, I could just get out of bed, and walk to the start line.

The last race I ran was the Big Dog 5K this past April at school. I finished that race at 27 minutes flat. I ran a few times a week to prepare for the 10K, but because I’ve never “trained” for a race before, I didn’t really know how to go about it. I ran the course around the lake, often times having to stop for the bridge or lights, or just because I needed a break. But I kept going, and 4 days before race day, I ran the whole thing, non-stop, and finished in 1:03:30.

The next few days I got some much needed rest, and when I woke up on Sunday at 6:45am, I was tired, but ready to go. I started in the back of the pack, which was a good thing on my part, because it meant that I was constantly passing people (a real morale booster). There were times when I was running with the same people for a long stretch of time, and then I would pass them as I got too close. I knew I needed to turn it on during the last 2K or so, but I didn’t want to burn out too early; I waited until the 9K mark came up and there was a long flat stretch ahead of me, and I picked up the pace stride by stride.

Not sure if it looked like it, but it felt like I was sprinting across the finish line. Even though I was aiming for under 1 hour, I’m still happy with the time; it’s faster than any other time I ran, and I never felt like was going to fade completely. It was a really steady run, and I completely devoured the post-race french toast.






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