Big Sur, Small Snakes

After a very restful sleep we were ready to tackle our next park: Big Sur. For some reason I think both of us were craving breakfast burritos, so I found a bit of a dive-y takeout place where we could get burritos and eat them on the way to Big Sur. As we were driving back down the PCH we realized two things: 1) that the road was much windier and the drop-offsimg_9678 much scarier than either of us had thought the night before, and 2) there were some pretty awesome vistas and beaches everywhere.

img_9766We saw one that looked really empty and decided to pull over, and upon further inspection saw that there was a bit of a path from the vista down to some of the rocks by the ocean. That’s when the stroke of genius came: “we should eat breakfast on the rocks!” I said triumphantly, and soon we were climbing down the side of the vista to get to our new found breakfast spot. We dug into our delicious burritos (which we were both surprimg_9689ised had potatoes in them, but apparently it’s a California thing), and sat watching the waves beat against the rocks beneath us. In this moment we were both extremely content with our decision. After breakfast we (of course) needed to do some exploring down below, just to see how far the rocks stretched and what views we would get.

A bit of rock climbing and clambering later and we were awake, full, and ready to go to our destination at Big Sur. I had suggested a moderate hike earlier, 4-5 miler with some hills, exactly what we needed this morning. The only unfortunate part of our hike was all of the mist, fog, and clouds coming up from the ocean to the mountains. Instead of seeing the beautiful pacific ocean and the huge cliffs of the park, instead we just saw a lot of white.


We met a lot of people along the way, stopped for some snacks, and also encountered a little snake on the trail. Since I was leading, I saw it first, and immediately jumped back, startled, which also scared Mike. We img_9763waited for the snake to get off the trail, but it slithered so slowly across that once it was a majority of the way across, Mike made the leap and ran past it. Turns out that was exactly what the snake needed to finally scurry off into the woods.

When we got back down to the car, we were both exhausted; Mike actually took a nap during the 45 minute drive back to Monterrey. We wanted to stop at a beach on the way back too, and luckily enough there was one on the way that looked really relaxing. We stopped there for an hour or so, just laying in the sand trying to take a nap. A few families arrived shortly after we did, and their screams at the seagulls swooping down trying to take their food didn’t really help with the falling asleep on the beach part of our stop. Nonetheless, it was a restful stop, and once we got back home we showered, got dressed, and planned for our night out. We went out to the local img_9724Fisherman’s Wharf, found a restaurant that looked pretty busy, and decided that it was the perfect place to grab dinner. I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise when I say we had seafood yet again. We got an awesome table right by the window that overlooked the boats, and as we sat there we could see the fishermen coming back from their day, and also some friendly sea lions that were swimming along.


We went home, got into our pajamas, and both of us were so ready for a long nights sleep, since it was only a short two hour drive to San Francisco. Once we logged our adventures for the night, we found a movie to watch before turning off the lights and going to bed.





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