Viva the Desert

It was a calm and quiet morning in Flagstaff as we woke up on Day 10 ready to hit to road for another day of travel. We found a cute bagel place called Biff’s Bagels right by the old train station where we feasted on bacon, egg, and cheese bagels. After a quick stroll down the main street, and after seeing four trains go by, we hit the road for the upcoming drive to Los Angeles.

We were going to take a quick detour up to Las Vegas (because why not?), before continuing to California and Hollywood. About two hours into our drive we arrived at the heart of the desert; it was the first time I’d ever see triple digit numbers on the temperature scale in my car. That is when the trusty air conditioner that had worked for the past seven years decided it was time to retire; that’s right, the air conditioner broke, in the middle of the desert.

Still two hours away from Las Vegas, we kept on going as fast as we could with the windows down. We were going to drive past the Hoover Dam, and since neither of us had seen it, we thought it would be worth it to stop by quickly before continuing our journey; little did we know that they were doing car checks, and after a few hours of desert driving, we were not having it. After a quick break at a lookout, we could see Vegas ahead of us.

Mike had already been once, so he had a few ideas of where we could walk around, so that I could get to full effect of what Vegas is like. After parking at Caesar’s Palace (“did the real Caesar live here?“), we walked through the casino and over to the Fountains of Bellagio, where the show was about to start. Set to Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas”, we watched the water img_9573dance up into the air in perfect choreography. I am sure that the show is even more impressive at night when they can include the light show too, but it was still awesome to see it. Because it was still 100+ degrees, and we wanted to eat, we decided to head to the mall that’s connected to Caesar’s Palace to walk around for a bit longer. I couldn’t believe how packed it was everywhere we went, whether it was in the casino, or out on the streets, there were people of all ages everywhere. After a delicious meal and a dessert of gelato, we went into the casino for some very quick gambling. We tried our hand at a slot machine, and it didn’t go so well, so we walked around until we found a Blackjack machine, on which we thought we could have better luck. For the most part, we did; we would win a few, and then the machine would take over for a few deals. At one point we had turned our $5 into $8, but instead of cashing out, I made the poor decision of continuing the play, which brought us back down to $0. At the end of the day, we only lost $15 or so on gambling in the casino.

It was 4pm and time to continue driving the remaining four hours to L.A. The drive was long and uneventful, and once we got into California, it was pretty smooth sailing. We arrived at our AirBnB tired, hot, and sweaty after so many hours in the car, but nonetheless we’d made it. We were finally on the west coast and knew that tomorrow was going to be a fun day in the heart of the movie industry.




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