When in Texas

Day 7 was bound to be a fun day. We were only driving two and a half hours or so total today, we were visiting yet another city, and we were going to get the chance to shoot some hand guns.

We went out to the range and had an absolute blast. After 45 minutes or so of safety training, we went back to the range and did some practicing. First the target was three meters away, then it moved back to 10 meters, and finally all the way to 30. It got more difficult but I’m happy to say that I was able to cluster pretty well, no matter the distance of the target. I can’t speak for Mike but this was definitely one of the highlights; another one of those once in a lifetime moments that you won’t get to experience very often. I mean, shooting guns in Texas: what’s more American than that?

We left with our targets and started driving to Austin, our next destination. As we got closer it started to pour, like torrential downpour. Apparently the week before Texas had experienced terrible flooding and a lot of roads and exit ramps had closed down because of it. We were lucky timing wise because it didn’t affect us too much overall (but Day 8 proved to be another story).

Having eaten a lot of fried food over the past few days we wanted something green, so instead of looking for a local place, we decided to search for the nearest Whole Foods. We also knew that we should probably do some snack shopping as we had started to run out, so after we ate our meals of kale, chicken, and pasta, we started walking around picking up some healthy goodies for the road. I am a huge Parks and Rec fan, and in an episode from the last season, two of the main characters have a disagreement where they bring up Whole Foods. In that argument, Ron Swanson refers to Whole Foods as “Complete Foods“, and ever since then, that’s what I’m calling it.

After out shopping trip the rain had stopped so as we made it to our AirBnB, we decided that it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to walk around for a bit and get some energy out before heading to bed. We had known a few friends who had been to Austin and co-oped there, so we had a few recommendations for places to go and walk around. One thing we noticed when we were walking around the tourist shops was that every seemed to want to “Keep Austin Weird“. On a Tuesday night, Austin wasn’t that turnt, but we could definitely see how it could be on a weekend. After walking around I think both of us would have wanted to come back during a weekend and with a few more friends in order to take full advantage of what’s there.

We had determined a few days back when we were in NOLA that we were going to drive the full 16 hours from Austin to the Grand Canyon in one day. Three states, two time zone changes, and 16 hours of driving awaited us the following day.

When we got back from our walk we set our alarms for 4am (bright and early), and went to sleep, knowing that tomorrow was going to be our toughest day yet.





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