Houston, we have a problem

On Day 6, it was finally time to start heading west. After waking up and packing up, we were once again on the road, this time out of Louisiana and to Texas, where we were going to be staying the night with a work friend of my moms outside of Houston.

Most of Louisiana is at or below sea level, and also very swampy. There’s a reason the show “Swamp People” is set there. Most of the major highways we were driving on where just lifted over these swamps, so if you looked over the side, you could see the boats below you, and everytime we did, we exclaimed “look! Swamp people!”

It was really interesting to drive through, but I’ll be honest, we were starting to get annoying with the long 7-8 hour drives but we powered through.

When we got close to Texas we realized we were going to be early to Houston, so we started looking around the different places that we could explore before meeting them for dinner. When we searched the top hit was the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, located about a half hour south of Houston. Mike was skeptical at first, but then I reasoned that every city has it’s claim to fame, whether it’s a museum, or even a river, so this means that it’s what you need to go see, regardless of how much it costs or where it is.

When we arrived, the first thing we saw was a giant spaceship and both of us got super giddy. Being the engineer, Mike was extremely excited about this, and knew so much more than I did about the mechanics of how the ships were built. We bought our tickets and when we got inside we were surprised to find out that the entire floor was a Mythbusters exhibit. Mythbusters is one of Mike’s favorite shows and being able to see the actual experiments that they had run and be able to do some of them ourselves was really cool. We tested as many of the myths and busts as we could while also walking around the space center. This is something that we’ll only ever be able to do maybe once or twice in a lifetime, so we we’re really happy with our decision to detour to this stop and utter the phrase “Houston, we have a problem!” at the space center in Houston.

We met the family we were staying with for an awesome dinner (Mexican food in Texas is amazing btw), and then drove to their house where we would be spending the night.

As we tucked into bed, we were really excited for what was going to come the next day, as we were going to be heading to a shooting range and learn some of the basics.






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