The road mostly travelled

It was time to keep heading south to New Orleans on Day 4. With only an eight hour drive ahead of us, we decided that we could do some slight detours along the way, since we didn’t get to do much of that on the way to Nashville. We decided that we would keep driving across Tennessee towards Memphis, check out Graceland, and then drive through Mississippi and over the Pontchartrain Causeway, which at nearly 24 miles is the largest bridge in the USA.

Our drive that day was pretty eventful. When we got to Memphis and looked up Graceland, we drove past and made an executive decision not to stop to go in. It was clear from the road that it played into the whole Elvis thing so much, and we just weren’t up for it that day.

Next was our drive through Mississippi. One thing that both of us kept noticing was that there were a lot of abandoned cars along the highway. They were just abandoned with no hope of being pick up again. Many of them had tires missing from people who had driven past and taken them. Needless to say that we drove through Mississippi as quickly as we can so we could get to our destination.

When we finally entered Louisiana, we got excited: it was nearly sunset and we were about to drive over a giant lake as the sun was going to set. As soon as we got to the bridge, we knew immediately that it was worth it. 24 miles takes a long time, especially when you can’t see the end and everything surrounding you is water. There were 7 turnarounds in case you decided that you didn’t want to keep going. We weren’t planning on stopping any time soon.

Once we got to the other end we could see the skyline of NOLA in the background. As we headed to our AirBnB for the night, we contemplated how most of what we were driving through was probably flooded during Hurricane Katrina. It was a scary thought, knowing that you’re at sea level and that water could come and destroy everything you owned. Our host recommended a sushi place nearby, and after two days of beer and fried food, we needed some fresh food. It was an awesome date to end a long day of driving. We went to bed content and excited for the next day, knowing that it was going to be a hot but awesome day full of exploring.

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