It’s just a tire

We wake up on Thursday and the first thing we do is figure out breakfast. I’ll be honest, this is the first thing we do every day of the roadtrip. The place where we were staying also had no windows, so when we woke up, we were really worried that we had overslept and missed the morning. Luckily it was 8am, and we had plenty of time to get to Nashville, our second stop, before it got too late.

We found a small town diner nearby, ate a healthy breakfast with multiple eggs and lots of toast and sausage, and soon we were on our way south. We had 10 hours of driving ahead of us, most of it in VA, and the last few hours in Tennessee. Without too much excitement, we began our driving day.

About a half hour in, we began one of our many animated political conversations; our differences in views makes for some good rebuttal, but at the end of the day, we want to hear what the other person has to say. Mike is a democrat and leans left, while I like to think of myself as a moderate; I think both sides have good points, but I tend to lean to the conservative side. It’s interesting to hear his point of view and try to defend mine (as best as I could), but in the end, we were able to come to terms with the topic and agree that neither side is perfect.

It was just about lunch time, and time for us to switch drivers, so we pulled off an exit in Virginia and took a break. However when we got back to the car, we saw that one of our tires had a slight cut in the outer shell, and after consultation with both our parents, we made the decision to get the tire changed. I swear, we could not have picked a better spot, because we seemed to have exited at the auto capital of Virginia, because there were three auto shops within a mile radius. We picked one, dropped off the car, and waited. I am not good at waiting; I am especially not good at waiting when I can’t control the situation. Let’s say I was pretty tense for the next two hours while we waited for the car. I also knew that we still had 5+ hours of driving left, and we weren’t gonna be in Nashville until past 10.

Neither of us took any pictures that day, as Virginia wasn’t too interesting, and it was still early in the roadtrip.

Better safe than sorry though, so after we got the new tire, we kept on going, and finally arrived in Nashville, two hours after the planned arrival, but we weren’t going to complain. The bed was comfortable, and we were tired, so after a long day of driving, we quickly passed out, gearing up for Day 3 in Nashville.






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