This is Halloween

Halloween in college is quite interesting; there are many different events you can go to, and people often dress up for 3-4 days leading up to Halloween, while of course wearing a different costume every night.

I’ll be missing out on college Halloween this year because I’ll be going home, but I did come up with two classic costumes for my two nights of pre-Halloween.

The first one was Risky Business. Real easy, no costume buying involved, and pants were not a requirement. Exactly what you want out of a Halloween costume.

My second Halloween costume has been in the works for months, as it’s a group costume. For the men’s hockey game last night, my friends and I in the DogHouse all dressed as the Avengers, plus Spider-Man. Being the only girl in the DogHouse group, I was the Black Widow, real easy for me as I borrowed a leather jacket and wore some lulu pants and called it a day. It was probably one of the most fun costumes I’ve done as it was my first group costume. The boys are awesome and I’m glad that I spent my last Halloween game with them dressed as one of the most badass Avengers.

I’m soaking up my senior year, one hockey game at a time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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