Back at that cycle game

For the first time in 8 months, I’m back on that group fitness grind.

I’ve taken two cycle classes in a row and it’s great to be back at it. Taking classes like that is a great way for me to change up the routine. Typically I lift, whether it be squats or deadlift, bench presses or bicep curls. I try to switch up different muscle groups, but squats are my favorite so I just end up doing that a lot. Adding group fitness gives me a way to work on different body parts because I’m told to.

I love cycle classes because not only is it cardio, with the sprints and the intervals, but you’re also working your legs by adding resistance and doing hills. I always want to do workouts where I get covered in sweat, and you can trust that there’s not shortage of that in cycle.

Doing different things is really important for me because I get bored in a certain routine, and signing up for something means that I have to go. If I don’t feel like it, I can postpone going to the gym until I feel like it, if I register for a class I have to go; it locks me in.

People have told me that I do everything, and I don’t disagree with them, I would just say that I make room for the things that I care about. I care about club hockey, so I make sure I can go to practice. I love commentating, so I make sure to put that ahead of other things on weekends. Giving tours is a lot of fun, so I squeeze it into the schedule when I can. Working out is another thing that is really important to me because it gives me an avenue to de-stress and relax. It allows for me to get my mind off of whatever is going on and focus on me and how I’m doing.

We all need time to focus on ourselves, whether that be working out, or taking the time out of the day to read a book; caring about ourselves is healthy, and we need to find what that is and stick with it.

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