Two summers ago, a bunch of my friends were heading to this concert at Gillette Stadium that had Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean as headliners. I thought it sounded pretty cool at the time, but I didn’t feel like I needed to get tickets, so I missed out. Fast forward to last December and here I am looking at country concerts and seeing that Chesney and Aldean are going to be back at Gillette for Countryfest part II. I quickly got my friends on board and we bought the tickets back in January.

Chesney and Aldean aren’t my favorite country artists, but they have a ton of good songs, and it’s a concert at Gillette which meant that there was going to be hours of tailgating, and an amazing show at an amazing venue. We weren’t disappointed.

We parked near the Stadium right around 2:30pm, and immediately walked over to where our friends had been camped out for a few hours. After a few rounds of cornhole, some delicious hot dogs, and a beer, we kept walking to the second tent of friends. We had such a blast because we were surrounded by genuinely nice people who gave us food and let us hang out with them for a few hours before the festivities started. At around 5:45 we walked into the Stadium, and as soon as we got there, one of the openers, Brantley Gilbert started playing. My friends knew they wanted some shirts, so our first stop was the merch table. After that we went up to the 300s and found our seats, which were pretty amazing. We could see the stage perfectly and we could watch the sunset. Right at 7pm, Jason Aldean began his set. It was amazing. Chesney was also amazing, but I definitely preferred Aldean overall; I knew more of his songs, and he had pyrotechnics going on throughout his show. Both of them played my two favorite songs: Jason Aldean played “Burnin’ It Down”, and we all belted out to Chesney’s “American Kids”.

We left happy to have heard all of the songs we wanted and got home still jamming out to their music.

I am so glad that we decided to do this back in January, because it was a fantastic way to wring in the beginning of senior year, and the end of summer. The friends I went with, Mike and Kristina, are two of my best friends, and I can’t wait to see what adventures await us during our senior year. Next up is Florida Georgia Line in September (at least that’s all we have planned for now), and we all agree that it’s bound to be one hell of a show.

There’s really nothing better in life than good friends, good food, and good music; it all leads to good times.

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