Hiking Mount Beacon (again)

A precedent has been set: I hike Mount Beacon on the 4th of July weekend.

Last year my brother and I hiked it and we made it all the way to the water tower for the first time. It was also my brothers first hike of the summer.

This past weekend, my friend Rachel and I hiked Mount Beacon on a gorgeous Sunday morning. I was originally go and hike Overlook Mountain on the other side of the river, but Rachel had never hiked Mount Beacon so I knew that that was the place to go for an early morning workout. As usual, the hike was steeperĀ than I thought it would be. We were chugging along at a pretty good pace and ended up passing quite a few people on the way up. We made it to the first lookout, took a quick water break while enjoying the views, and then kept walking to our final destination, the Mount Beacon water tower.

It took us another 20 minutes to reach the summit, and we weren’t disappointed when we were finally able to look over the Hudson Valley. We could see as far as the Poughkeepsie Bridge and the walkway, but unfortunately it was too hazy to be able to clearly see the New York City skyline, which my brother and I saw the year before. We of course had to take some photos when we arrived, and after the photo shoot and a walk to the top of the tower, we began our decent.

First hike back on the east coast was a success, and I can’t wait to go on more adventures as the summer goes on.

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