America’s Pastime

Back in April I went to my first Mariners game, and my first baseball game in two years. At that point, I had no idea that I would go to five additional games over the next two months.

I’ve seen the Mariners play the Astros, Padres, Yankees (twice), Giants, and the KC Royals. I’ve been to more baseball games over the past three months than I have in my entire life, and never have I sat in the same seat twice. For my first four games, I seat hopped quite a bit. I’ve seen the field from nearly every angle, and I can honestly say there isn’t a bad view in the park. Even the nosebleed seats aren’t bad because you still have a view of the whole field.

Me and my foul ball

The best seats I sat in though were in the Diamond Club against the Giants. I was lucky enough to get the tickets from someone at work who couldn’t go, and we sat front row, right behind where the Giants were doing their batting warmup. If you were watching the game you may have seen me. I was even lucky enough to get a foul ball out of it; the Giants were batting, and Justin Maxwell tipped it back behind the plate. It rolled right to where to Joaquin Arias was warming up, and after he picked it up, he looked at me and handed it over. One day I might put it in a box and up on a shelf somewhere, but for now it’s on my desk, waiting to be packed into a suitcase for the trip home on Saturday.

My foul ball

I’ve also watched the game from Power Alley, which is right between left and center field. This was also a game that I was able to attend through work. The entire area was rented out for us, so we had plenty of space, and it was great to get to know not only the people that I work with, but also be able to network with others, even though I only have four days left.

I can’t complain about seeing so many baseball games, they’re really fun and there’s always something new to see and do. As of right now, I’ll be going to two more games this year: Yankees vs Red Sox at Fenway in September, and another Red Sox game with the Berkshire alumni group later on that month. I might work in a Bleu Jays game when we head to Toronto for the Pan Am games, but I still have to run that past the fam.

Baseball is fun, especially when tickets are cheap and the stadium is easy to get to.

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