Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to Michel (aka. Pappa or Papsen). My dad’s pretty cool. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone he’s ever coached; he’s legitimately everyone’s favorite hockey dad. I think it’s because of the winning combination of his sense of humor (where he will always sacrifice my brother and I for a laugh), his thick French Canadian accent, and the fact that he’s an amazing coach.

Here are a few fun facts about Michel:

  1. He’s actually a teddy bear.
  2. He was in the Olympics twice, competing in rifle for Canada. He was in Barcelona in ’92, and in Atlanta in ’96. This summer, he’s competing in the Pan American Games, which if you don’t know, is kindof like the pre-Olympics in the Americas. The PanAm Games are in Toronto this year, and the whole family is going to drive up to watch him shoot.
  3. He was the head coach of the Canadian Biathlon team in the ’80s.
  4. He’s the best coach around, and I’m really not being biased.

I don’t know where I would be without my dad, but it definitely isn’t in Seattle about to wrap up my third and last co-op.

Merci Pappa, for being the best father anyone could ask for. Not to brag, but I think you raised two amazing kids. Je t’aime.

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