A walk in the park

Last week when I was home my mom and I talked about Runner’s High; the high you feel when you’re running and you feel like you can keep going forever.
When I went for a run yesterday, I got that feeling, mainly because I was running down a lot of hills after having run up them. I was also going at a moderate pace which gave me better stamina. When I got back from my run, I decided that today would be the best day to go for a long walk to Discovery Park, the most westernly point in Seattle.

I woke up and took the bus out to Magnolia, a upper class suburby area of Seattle. I had scoped out a coffee shop and went there first to fuel up for the walk ahead of me. Finn’s Cafe and Bakery, definitely recommend it. Somehow it also happened to be the day of the Magnolia Farmer’s Market, so I walked around, bought some cherries and locally harvested honey, and began heading northwest towards Discovery park.

These shoes were made for walking
Water Worn Stairs
Freight boats in Elliott Bay

I started my RunKeeper app (definitely get this if you like to go for trek’s, it’s really useful and interesting to see your post activity stats), and started walking. I had brought my camera and occasionally stopped to take some pictures of houses, trees, flowers, cars, etc. After about 45 minutes, I arrived at the border of the park, now it was just about figuring out which trail I had to take to get to the Life House. The first time I checked to see how far I’d gone was at the 3.12 mile mark. It had only been 55 or so minutes, but I felt really good, and I knew that I was headed in the right direction. I kept getting glimpses of Mount Rainier as we got further and further west. I walked along the beach, and then started thinking about how I would get to my next destination, the Ballard Locks.

Ballard Locks
Ballard Locks

At this point I had to look at my phone a lot to figure out where I was headed. Eventually I arrived and I saw three boats and two kayaks cross the channel from South Lake Union into Elliott Bay. I walked across the bridge and made it into Ballard. within 10 minutes I reached the main strip and it was 1:15pm. This was the point where I started dreading continuing because I knew that a five mile walk awaited me back home.

Knowing that I only have one more weekend after this one to enjoy Seattle, walking around like that just enjoying myself was definitely something I needed to do. It also gave me a chance to explore Magnolia, an area which I had never been to because it’s so separated from the rest of Seattle. The more I see of the city, the more I can picture myself living here. All of that walking has worn me out, but I still have a gym workout to look forward to.

My final mileage count was 7.92 miles, and 2 hours and 36 minutes of walking. I won’t stop unless I get bored, and it doesn’t seem like I will any time soon.

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