Class of 2015

This past weekend, my brother graduated from high school and I was lucky enough to be there during the whole thing.

Like most prep school graduations, it was sunny, warm, and just long enough for you to keep checking your watch a few times, wondering if it was almost over. The speeches were heartfelt, the audience enamoured, and the traditions cute. Having gone to prep school myself, I knew what to expect when it came to the dress code, and general proceedings for the weekend. There was a graduating student reception that night before where I got to meet a lot of my brothers friends and teachers. The school’s acapella groups sang a few songs, and it was overall a great welcome for all of the graduating seniors families. And then it was time to graduate.

We all woke up early on Friday morning and were greeted by a beautiful day. The skies were blue with some wispy clouds, and it was just warm enough so that you were comfortable. Soon enough the bagpipes started playing and the seniors walked down the aisle between the rows of chairs and took their place on either side of the platform. After a few speeches from deans, students, and alumni, it was finally time to dole out diplomas. Milton does things a little bit differently: they say the names in a completely random order so that you have no idea when your child is going to receive his or her diploma. This was a pleasant twist to an otherwise slightly monotonous ceremony.

I am so proud of my brother for everything he has accomplished during his four years at Milton. He has had to push himself to become just as good, if not better than his classmates. I know what it’s like to leave something that you’re such a large part of and not be a part of it in the same way again. It’s hard to let go of something like that. I’m extremely lucky that I have a whole other year at one of my favorite places in the world. It’s time for the class of 2015 to move on to a new home, all the while remembering how much of an impact that place has had on them, and the impact that they’ve had on it. Congratulations to the class of 2015; you’ve earned this.

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