Run up the Hill

I just got back from a run; yes, I literally just got back. I was feeling a little stir crazy, and it was way too nice out to bike in the gym, so I decided to run my street, and then make a loop by Lake Union and then back to my apartment.

I started running up Dexter towards Fremont. After a quarter mile, the road started sloping upwards, but it was really marginal. I reached the top and then started running down a steeper hill. My original path had me going down by the lake, on a path that’s pretty flat. As I got to the intersection of Westlake and Dexter, I decided that instead of running by the lake, I would turn around and run back up Dexter, which meant tackling the hill that I had just run down.

I did it, and I did it all without stopping.

The hill got a bit steeper, and the going got tougher, but I knew that the end was near and I didn’t stop. Instead of making pained faces, I decided to relax and just put one foot in front of the other. It was a new challenge, but something that was so rewarding at the end.

Ready for a 180?

A few years ago I read Cheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In”, and I think that I’ve come up with my own version: Run up the Hill.

The hill will be a challenge, and you might not think you can do it, but keep going. You’ll feel so good once you reach the top.

Meet challenges head on, and see how hard you can push yourself. Your own strength may come as a surprise to you.
I know that this is all over the place, but interestingly enough, that’s where my brain is right now after the run. I’m hit with an interesting combination of fatigue and adrenaline, and the best part is, I feel like I can keep running, which is a feeling I don’t really get when going on long runs. Maybe this is a sign for me to start running more, and work towards something, like a few more 5ks, or maybe even a half-marathon.

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