The Happiest 5K

This morning, I ran my first ever 5K.

A few weeks ago I was doing some research on events in the area, and I found out that there was going to be a Color Run in Seattle. I had always wanted to do one of these special themed 5Ks and the Color Run seemed like the perfect theme for my very first one.

I woke up this morning at 545am, I had to get to the course early to pick up my race packet. I put on a pair of colorful spandex and a long sleeve shirt, packed my phone, keys, and some cash into a ziploc bag, and headed over to Seattle Center. I picked up my packet which included a Color Run T-Shirt, some temporary tattoos, my bib, and a rainbow headband. I got dressed up and started walking around. At 7:50 we lined up at the starting line, and at 8:04, we were off.

There were four color blasts set up around the course; blue, yellow, orange, and pink. When I crossed the finish line I was covered in powder and glitter, proudly grabbed my medal and started grinning from ear to ear. I didn’t keep track of my pace throughout the race, but for me, the most important this was to just keep running. There was no reason to worry about the time, and if I had known I wouldn’t have cared. The only thing that mattered was getting covered in colors from head to toe.

After the race I walked around to the tents, and headed over to the stage where they were having a dance party. More color was thrown and by the end, my face was covered in yellow and green powder. I had so much fun just being with thousands of other Seattleites, dancing, running, and singing along to the music.

I actually ran into one of the lacrosse girls that I coach. Her whole family ran the race with her and we were able to get a quick picture after the race. i also found out later at dinner that one of the other lacrosse coaches was also at the Color Run that morning. I wish I had talked to more people about the Color Run, because knowing to look for people would have made the race even more fun.

Today will definitely be a day that I will remember for a while.

Savoring the moment of being halfway there
Savoring the moment of being halfway there
The Happiest 5K on the Planet
I can see the finish line. Nothing like being blasted with some Orange about 100 yards from the end.

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