Nothing like a sunny day

I’ve experienced many sunny days, but for some reason they’re a little bit sweeter in the Pacific Northwest.

Part of it might be because it’s in the middle of April, and I’m not used to having such beautiful days this early in the year.

Today it got up to 67 degrees fahrenheit, and I did my best to spend as much of it as I could outside. The fact that I got to play in two lacrosse games didn’t hurt.

After being cooped up inside during pretty much the entire weekday, it’s so nice to be able to be outside and just walk around. I’m finding that I’m doing a lot more walking here in Seattle than I do in Boston. I think it’s mainly because there’s an expiration date on my time in Seattle, and since it’s so short, I want to get to know as much of it as possible. It’s probably also because when I’m in Boston, I get caught up in doing so many other things: I need to be at the hockey rink, or a group meeting, or the gym. Here is Seattle it’s still like that, I still have my commitments, but I have a lot more freedom to move those commitments around. I know I want to go to yoga, but I also know that there are many different classes that I can take.

I’m getting to explore a lot around Seattle, and I’m pretty sure I’m already getting a tan from all the time I’m spending outside. I’ll be doing a lot of exploring over the upcoming weeks, especially since the weather is looking to stay amazing for a while.

Remember, “adventure is out there” (Pixar’s UP).


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