Accomplishment is sweet

When you nail something, whether it be a presentation at work, a test at school, or an awesome play on the field/ice, nothing feels better.

This week I had one of those moments. We had a big account presentation on Thursday, and we had spend the entire week preparing for it. Leading up to a big presentation like that, you know that you are an expert in the information, but it’s not once you are in the moment that you can actually put all of that knowledge to use. I’ll be honest, I did a pretty awesome job; my whole team did.

In a moment like that, you don’t need to be acknowledged for what you did because you’re so aware of how much ass you just kicked during that meeting.

Those moments have been happening a lot lately; I’ve been asked to step up, and I keep hitting the ball harder than expected. Not only at work, but also during my soccer and lacrosse games. Last weekend I took the opportunity to be the center on the field for a majority of the games that we played. I was able to control the other center well enough to make sure that they didn’t send the ball where they wanted it to go (at least I hope that’s what I did). I also made some good checks on the other team that caused them to lose the ball. Those small things that you can constantly do right make a big difference in the long run. In my soccer games, I’m doing a pretty good job of stepping in and at least causing havoc for the other team. I’m an aggressive and physical player and I always go hard whenever the ball is kicked my way. I’m constantly looking for those fast break opportunities, and I usually get them, now it’s just about figuring out what I need to do when I have the ball.

You shouldn’t be doing things just so that other people can call out what a great job you did. Once you’re able to set your own bar and be proud of what  you’re accomplishing, that’s when you can truly excel in whatever position you’re in.

So set your own expectations, and raise them every time they’re reached. Never settle for where you were; keep climbing. I know that’s what I intend to do.

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