Cuz I’m a lax bro

Where I’m from, lacrosse wasn’t a sport that was played until I got into high school. That’s one of those sports I wish I had started playing earlier. When I started attending Berkshire School, I had to play a spring sport; track was not my forte and softball was out of the question, which left lacrosse. I was on the JV team both my junior and senior seasons. I wasn’t great, but I played tough, and I was one of the most vocal players on the team. My position was A-wing/midfielder: I was great at defense, I loved moving the ball around on offense, and when I got a head of steam, I could get down the field pretty quickly. I think it’s because I never gave up that my coaches never really subbed me out. My senior year I was dubbed the QB of the offense, meaning that I got to call all of the plays and run them. I think that was partly because I could be counted on to make the right pass at the right time, and also because I was loud enough to call them. I loved my two years on JV playing lacrosse, and I got better because I was always playing. After four years off the field, I played in my first lacrosse game this weekend, and it was so much fun.

My fellow coach for the QAQS team invited me to play for her part-time womens team. I jumped on the wagon real quick and before I knew it I was on my way to Portland for a two game series. Since I’ve been coaching for two years,  still knew the rules, and I was eager to jump on the field and start running. I volunteered to play center, meaning that I was going to be the one taking the draw, and I was going to be running up and down the field, a lot. It took two draws for me to get back in the groove of tracking the ball, and I won a few draws throughout both games. We had a surplus of attackers, so if I ever needed a break, I’d stick back and play D. Just being on the field, having to track the ball and communicating with my teammates got me back in the game.

I definitely miss playing lacrosse a lot; it’s a ton of fun running up and down the field, moving through the offense, setting up the plays, and it makes me more excited to get back to coaching my girls because I have the fire for it again. I like to think I’m still a lax bro, and as long as I keep playing I will be.

If something goes missing from your life, like lacrosse did in mine, cherish it when it comes back. Do your best and be in the moment because it won’t last forever (two 25 minute halves to be exact).

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