You’re gonna sing the words wrong

And I did.

Last night I Downtown to the Showbox to see Vance Joy, an artist made famous by the song “Riptide”.

I’ll be honest, before last night I had only hear this song, and his other climbing hit “Mess is Mine”. But that’s one of the nice things about going to concerts is that you get to hear artists, genres, songs, that you might not otherwise listen to. I really enjoyed all of his songs, and one of the best parts was that throughout his set, you could tell that there was cohesion, something most artists are lacking these days.

The opener for Vance Joy was an Icelandic band called Kaleo. They had a bluesy rock and roll feel, which was different and a cool way to open.

Vance Joy stole the show. He was fantastic live. Hopefully I will see him again someday.

This was the first time in a long while that I had done something on a weekday that wasn’t working out, yoga, or lacrosse practice. It’s fun to do something in the middle of the week, and I definitely think that going out in the middle of the week makes the time go by faster. I’m always thinking of what I can look forward to in order to get me through the week; this week it was Vance Joy, and the fact that I am playing (yes, playing) in two lacrosse games down in Portland on Saturday. I am so excited because I haven’t actually played a game of lacrosse in 4 years. Time to shake off the rust and kick ass.

Go explore something different; cool experiences like driving to Portland to play lacrosse, or going to a concert in the middle of the week make life exciting.


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