Happy Birthday to my Grandmothers

My grandmothers are two of the kindest people that I know.

I have my mormor (my swedish grandmother), who can knit like nobody’s business. Mormor Eivor is like an encyclopedia and always has some information on anything that you could think of. She has the best collection of books, especially on Nordic and viking history, and would always read to me if I asked. She’s an amazing teacher and knows how to make anything interesting, and she has a killer sense of style; seriously, she’s one classy lady. Jag alskar dig mormor.

Mormor Eivor in 2011
Mormor Eivor in 2011

Then there’s my grandmere (my Quebec grandmother), who can always be counted on for any and all recipes, as she’s the best cook in the family. Grandmere Yvette is the kind of person that everyone remembers because she remembers everyone. She shines when she’s surrounded by the people she loves the most, and she knows how to spoil her grandkids. Not only is she my grandmere, but she’s also my god-mother. We have a special bond because of it and I know that she would do anything for me. Je t’aime grandmere.

Grandmere Yvette, Grandpere Robert, and Hank in 2002
Grandmere Yvette, Grandpere Robert, and Hank in 2002

I don’t get to see my grandmothers that often due to the fact that they live in different countries. Since we moved to NY, it’s been one visit to each of them per year, which is very different than most families. That means that when we get together, we spend a lot of time talking, about what’s been happening, and about what will happen. Their stories are the best though; I love hearing both of my grandmothers telling me about when my parents and their cousins were little and all of the shenanigans that they would get into.

I often don’t know when the next time that I will see them will be, but I know that it won’t be too long before I do. If you’re reading this and you are able to see either of them this weekend, please give them a big hug for me, and tell them that I’m thinking about them.

Happy Birthday to Eivor and Yvette!

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