Rivers, Falls, and Rain

Today was our hiking day.

I woke up bright and early to go and pick up the rental car, and then drove it home, picked up my little brother, and we were off. I had done some research about some trails that we could hike, so we typed in the address and drove the hour and a half to our destination. One thing that my research did not tell me was that the trail that I was hoping we would hike was currently closed, because it’s still winter on Mount Rainier. Instead, we kept driving until we found a parking lot, and decided that it was a good a place as any to stop and start exploring.

Entrance to Mount Rainier National Park
Entrance to Mount Rainier National Park

We started walking along the trail, which was gravel road through very dense woods. There was one area where there was a side trail that led up to a mine, so we decided to head up and see what we would find. It was actually a really cool place, the hike up was pretty quick and once we got there, that’s when we truly realized how far up we’d come. The mine was closed due to safety but it was still really cool to be able to see where the entrance was. We made our way back down and kept going. One thing that was missing from the trail was any markers letting us know how far along we were, or where we were headed. At one point we were close to Carbon River, so we decided to ditch the trail and make our way through the forest and onto the rocky beach. The low clouds around the mountains, and the rushing river made for a pretty cool atmosphere.


After our excursion on the river, we decided that it was time to walk back to the car, and drive around a little bit more. We had passed an Ikea on the way to the Park, and had already decided that we were going to stop there for lunch. We feasted on delicious meatballs and mashed potatoes before walking to the market place where I stocked up on meatballs and chocolate.

After this is when we made a last minute decision to keep driving and find some more mountains. I knew that the Snoqualmie Falls would be a good stop, and that the scenery was quite beautiful, so I made the detour and took my brother to the Falls.

Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls

We took in the beauty and walked slowly back to the car. As we drove out of the Cascade Mountain Range, it started raining, and I thought to myself “I’m glad we left when we did”. As we were driving home, we thought about some different options. The night before we had gone up to the observation deck of the Space Needle, and I had read about another observation deck in the Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle. Since I didn’t want to worry about parking, I decided instead to take Hank to Kerry Park, which is my favorite view in Seattle. The sun came out just for us, and we were able to get a pretty nice view of the city and the sound. Unfortunately Rainier was hiding, like it had been all week, but I know that through those dark clouds lies the biggest mountain in Washington.

Seattle from Kerry Park

Kerry Park marked the end of our long journey. I dropped Hank and all of the newly acquired food at True North, and went to return the car.

It has been such an awesome weekend, and I honestly cannot believe it’s over. I’ve probably done more this weekend, than I have in a long time. We’ve clocked over 20,000 steps every day, and taken a ton of awesome pictures. That’s another thing, I’m so happy I have my camera so that I can capture all of these awesome moments with my little brother.

Check us both our on instagram: amdion13 and hdion96. Both of us have some of our favorite pictures from the weekend up.

I only have one more day with my little brother, and even though I’m going to be spending the day working, and then at lacrosse practice, I’m so happy that he’s here for one more day before heading back east.

I hope everyones weekend was as awesome as ours was. Exploring is the essence of being alive, so never stop exploring and adventuring.

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