Poo Poo Point (yes, that’s what it’s called)

So my little brother Hank made the long flight all the way out to the Pacific Northwest to spend some time with me. After two days of being stuck in the city, it was time for us to get out and explore. I’d heard of this one hike called Poo Poo Point, and figured that it was worth a try. We headed over to the Enterprise to pick up our car, and we began the trek out to Issaquah, WA.

Poo Poo Point is located on the side of Tiger Mountain, which is in Issaquah. We got there, parked the car, and started walking. It was a pretty steep hike the entire 1.7 miles up to the top. In some places, rocks were laid out like steps for us to walk over. Several breaks were taken by me, which lengthened our journey to the top, but once we got there, it was well worth the effort. Poo Poo Point is where the local paragliders launch off, and we were right on the launching pad at the top. The views would have been spectacular if it hadn’t been a very overcast day. We met a local hiker who told us that on a clear day, you could see both Mount Rainier, and Mount Baker from the summit. Needless to say, I will definitely be returning on a day when the views can be fully enjoyed.

Watching over my Kingdom


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