Five Weeks In, Let’s Make Bread

So it’s been five weeks in Seattle, only 20 more to go.
It sounds crazy that I’ve been here for five weeks already. Work has really started kicking up and I now know what to expect when I get in to work every day. I also know how to find work better now than I did before, which is definitely something that you need to learn in order to be successful.

In the past five weeks, a lot has happened. I’ve been going to the Gold’s Gym in town and staying in shape; I took a Flywheel cycle class (difficult, but definitely worth the time. I’m going in for my second class tomorrow); I’ve found a local gem in a small Mediterranean restaurant; I saw the third Hobbit movie; I met Kip Moore; and most recently, I made myself some bread.

It’s quite an easy recipe and I would definitely recommend it. I simply call it “bread”, but the owner of the blog calls it Artisanal Bread, which is kindof is. As I’m writing this, the bread is currently baking in the over. It will definitely turn out good, and it’s a much better use of my resources (and a bit healthier even though it’s white bread), because I don’t want to be buying bread every time I want some. Of course, baking bread takes time, but then again, all good things take time.

Think about it, successful relationships take time. A delicious cake takes time. Learning the ropes at your new job takes time. Making lasting friends takes time. Getting the beach body you want takes time. Making homemade bread takes time. But it’s time worth taking because you’ll be better for it. Immediate results aren’t always the best way to measure success; sometimes, success is best waited for.

So take the time and do something fun and for yourself. Try something new, workout, eat good food, and enjoy the time you’re taking to do so.

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