Beanpot Hype Day

So while I’m in Seattle, with rainy warm weather, Boston was hit with another snow storm and they moved the first round of the Beanpot to Tuesday. It’s been Beanpot Hype week for the past week at Northeastern, ever since the men’s hockey team played their last games vs Notre Dame, and I’ve been missing out.

With one more day for the hype, I am so excited to watch the boys battle BC in the first round.

Yes, the Super Bowl was yesterday and it was pretty exciting, but as much as I love watching the Super Bowl, Beanpot Monday is so much better. For anyone who was wondering, i will be bringing back the red blazer tomorrow.

What does the Beanpot actually mean? Personally, it gives me fire. It’s something to fight for (even though I’m not playing in it). I actually haven’t been to a Beanpot since my freshman year due to coops, but every year I’ve followed it closely.

It’s so exciting to watch the boys play, and the excitement of filling the TD Garden with fans from both schools. There’s honestly nothing like it in college hockey.

Beanpot Hype Week ends now. It’s gameday.

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