Somethin’ bout an East Coast Girl

I went to my first country concert of 2015 last night, and it was so much better than I could’ve have imagined.

I arrive at the Showbox SODO at 6:15, doors at 7, and got in line. It’s really not that long, and since the concert is sponsored by the local country music station, there’s a ton of people walking around pumping you up. Some of the radio people are walking around asking if people want to make signs, because if you do you could win a pass backstage to see Kip Moore (who was the headliner). I come up with the following:

My winning sign
My winning sign

They started picking the winners, and just as I thought that I wouldn’t get picked, I hear my sign being called. I can’t believe it.

So I did go to the concert by myself, because none of the other coops like country music as much as I do. It was their loss because I could bring a guest with me to go backstage. One of the other winners had two people with him, and asked me if I would take his second guest. I said yes, and in that moment I made three new friends.

We head inside, and wait until it’s time to go and see Kip. We’re all pretty damn excited about this and once we get our stickers and are waiting in line, we can’t stop smiling. After about a 10 minute wait, it’s my turn, and I head in to see Kip. We take a picture together, he signed my sticker, and then smiled at me before I left the room and walked back out to the floor. After we met him, I really wanted to buy myself a hat, they had a few good ones to choose from, and since this was already one helluva night, I might as well buy myself a souvenir.

I catch back up with my crew of new friends and we spend the whole concert singing and dancing to the music. Two of my three new friends were a long time couple, and in the middle of the concert, she asked him to marry her. He said yes, and they got engaged. I can’t believe that it happened and that I was there to witness it, and I am so grateful to them for including me in their group for the night. I wish Crystal and Kyle all the best!


But the night wasn’t over after the music ended. Once the crowd started thinning, we noticed that Kip had moved to the merchandise stand and was signing stuff. We had said our goodbyes and I decided, what’s the harm of waiting in line for a few more minutes to get my hat signed. I’m glad I waited. I now have a whole collection of Kip moore signed things, and so many good memories to go along with it. Here is the official picture from the Meet and Greet; you can also find it on Kip Moore’s facebook page.


You never know what could happen, or the people you will meet, when you venture out and do things by yourself. This was a night I won’t ever forget.

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