Sunny and 55

It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle, Washington. I woke up, looked out the window and saw the sun peeking out, and I thought to myself, what better day to go for a walk and find a nice place to read my new book, American Sniper.

I did just that.

I walked down to the Olympic Sculpture Park, right down by the sound. Now I know you’re probably supposed to look at the sculptures, but I was too mesmerized by the Cascades on the far side of the sound. I’ve already mentioned it, but I’ve never seen mountains that big, and it amazes me that I can see snow capped mountains that are at least an hour and a half away. I found a nice spot right on the water, and started reading. A half hour later I started looking up more at the mountains than down on the words, so I decided to keep walking down the trail towards the Cascades. Everyone in Seattle was taking advantage of the nice weather; the path was packed. I also saw so many dogs, big, small, old, young; all of them were basking in the warm weather.

After walking for a while I decided to turn around and start heading home, since there didn’t seem like there was a way off the path and back to the roads. As I turned around I saw something I wasn’t expecting: Mount Rainier. You could barely see it through the cloud, it was just a darker lump in the distance, but I knew that that was what it was. I couldn’t believe that that’s what I was looking at. It was truly breath taking. Now the cascades look decently big; they’re covered in snow and you can clearly see them. They’re also much closer to me than Rainier is. Rainier is about a two hour drive away, and it looked like it was right outside of the city borders. The entire walk back to the sculpture park I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Rainier. I can’t wait to head out there and see it up close.

There’s nothing like seeing something you didn’t expect to see. It catches you by surprise and fills you with a sense of wonderment. Seeing Rainier for the first time, was a wow moment like no other.

Right next to the park was a railroad, and I got a little taste of familiarity with from some of the cars. It makes me more excited to head up to Canada and keep exploring the Pacific Northwest

Canadian Pacific Railway

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