I just got back from a business trip to Portland to visit some clients that we have. It was an extremely short visit and I didn’t get to see much of Portland, but I learned some things about it along the way.

1) It’s basically exactly like Seattle, except it’s a quarter of the size. I’m not even kidding. The “downtown” area (which to me seems like the center of the city and the happenings) really isn’t that big. I’m told that there are areas of Portland which are nicer, but I didn’t drive through enough of it to see where those place are.

2) Climate is pretty much the same in Portland as it is in Seattle. It’s pretty overcast and gray, but that’s expected from a place that’s probably no more than a three hour drive from Seattle.

3) The people there are super chill and super nice. No one wants to, or needs to, do anything too quickly. Everything will come in time, which will always be frustrating to me.

4) The scenery, when you can see it due to clear skies, is breaktaking. On our way to the airport we were able to clearly see Mount Hood. Now this is a huge mountain, and probably the biggest one I’ve seen to date, and it’s at least an hour drive, if not more from Portland. But you could see it clear as day, as if it was in your backyard. The picture I took doesn’t do it justice; it looks much more impressive in person.

A clear view of Mount Hood from one of Portland's bridges
A clear view of Mount Hood from one of Portland’s bridges

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