First time for everything

I’m no stranger to morning workouts; I actually quite enjoy them. It’s a great way to start your day and then afterwards you feel tired, yes, but also refreshed and accomplished. That feeling of accomplishment instantly puts you in a good mood, which carries through your day like nothing else.

This morning I decided to show up to the November Project’s Seattle pop-up workout. I’d heard about it for a few years, since the movement started in Boston, but this was my first experience actually attending one of these sessions. It was definitely not what I expected.

So a bunch of us coops meet up in the lobby of our building and walk the .7 miles over to the Space Needle where the workout is being held. This was my first time at the base of the Needle, and I’ve determined that the best time to go is either early in the morning or late at night, when no one else is around, because it’s eerie and calming all at the same time. We show up, and there are around 30 or so people already there and ready to go. As soon as the leaders see us they greet us with a big hug, and tell us to mingle. We wait the five or so minutes before one of the November Project founders, and the leader of the session, Brogan, shows up with his bright yellow hat on. It’s officially time to start.

Base of the Space Needle at 6:20am.
Base of the Space Needle at 6:20am.

I’d say the group was pretty big, definitely around 40 people, if not closer to 50. We all huddle up and go over some basics introductions. Then we spread out and do a team warm-up, and then head over to the area where we’ll be running through the actual circuit.

Here’s what we had to do: start off with 10 burpees, run down the stairs, and do a 50 yard sprint, run back up the stairs, and then do 2 sets of box jumps up this tiered wall. As many rounds as possible (hehe “AMRAP”…never thought I’d use a Crossfit term to describe one of my workouts), in 35 minutes. Ready, set go.

I’ll be honest, it was hard. Right around my third time through is when everything got a bit sluggish. Burpees got harder, sprints got slower, and box jumping took longer, but I was able to grind it out, mainly with the help of all of my fellow November Project attendees. Something that everyone who participates in the project has to do is support one another. I met a handful of new people who also showed up for an early morning workout, and if there continues to be sessions in Seattle, I hope to see them again. As I mentioned, I was greeted by a giant bear hug, and getting there and receiving that, gave me a different mindset going through the workout. Brogan would sporadically yell something like “let’s go everyone”, “hit the deck”, “can I get a fuck yea?”, (answer: fuck yea) which really amped all of us up and gave us the drive to keep going. Everyone was cheering each other on, and as I was starting my last set up burpees, Brogan gave us the 1 minute signal. I busted out my 10 and then sighed deeply in relief. We all came in for a final huddle, gave a cheer, and lined up for a group picture. If the November Project starts a tribe in Seattle, I can say without a doubt that I was there for the very first workout in Seattle.

It was absolutely a hard 35 minutes of work, but I would do it again in a heartbeat; that is if I can roll out of bed at 545am.

To celebrate the moment, we all asked Brogan (who is a Northeastern alum btw), to take a picture with all of us Northeastern coops. It was definitely a bonding experience, and I’m sure that we’ll have plenty more of those over the next six months.

Sun hadn't yet risen as we ended our workout at 7:30am.
Sun hadn’t yet risen as we ended our workout at 7:30am.

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