Be Better Than the Gap

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that all of you had as great of a time ringing in the new year as I did.

I wanted to share some things that I’ve learned over the past 12 months, and what I am going to do to “be better than the Gap”.

What 2014 has taught me:

  1. The friends you make in college are your true friends for life. I mean think about it, how many people are you still friends with from high school? Probably only a handful of the people you met over that four year span. The friends I have made in college are the people that I am so happy that I met because they make my life better. I’ve also realized that the friends I am making now, three years into my college career, are my better friends. We connect and are able to talk to each other because we’re much more mature and respectful of each other. So here’s to all of my friends who have stuck with me over the past year; you’re all rockstars.
  2. Things end, and you will move on. 2014 was the year that a long relationship of mine ended, and for a while, I was very upset about it. But looking back I know that it was the right decision. Relationships end, people leave, but if they do, it’s probably because they’re not supposed to be in your life. You may be upset about it at first, but life goes on and you become more of who you’re supposed to be because of it.
  3. Do things that you wouldn’t normally do. This year for the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone a lot. I began working on the sideline during the men’s hockey games which requires getting in front of a camera and coming up with something intelligent to say about the game on the fly. I decided to coach a girls lacrosse team because hockey season was over and I wanted to do something different. And finally I decided that I was going to move cross country for six months and work for Amazon for my third co-op.
  4. Do what makes you happy and stop doing what doesn’t. About halfway through the year I decided that I was going to do what made me happy, and the past six months have been some of the best of my life. I love commentating and being on the sideline, so I signed up for as many games as I possibly could. I go to practice every week so that I can continue to play my favorite sport. I love spending time with my friends at Intramurals so I work as many hours as possible so that I can spend time with all of those wonderful people. If I don’t want to go out on a Friday night, I don’t because I want to spend time at home. On the other hand, when I want to head out and spend time with my friends, nothing can stop me.
  5. Talk to people. The more people you know, the better connected you will be and the easier things will be later on. This goes along with making friends in college, the more people you meet, the better off you will be. People are worth the time to get to know.

What a long and learning year it has been. I’m so happy for all of the people I met, and all of those that I got to know a little bit better.

My only New Years resolution for 2015 is to go all in for everything. Don’t do anything half-assed, and make the most of everything and everyone.

In the words of Ferris Bueller, “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it”.

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