Classes are over…now what?

Finals ended last week, and I for one could not be happier about it. The entire time that finals was going on I was not feeling well, but with the end of finals, and more hours of sleep, I finally feel better.

Still the question remains, now that finals are over, what do I do?

I am staying in Boston for the upcoming week, doing some more work and packing up all of my stuff in the apartment. I’ve been by myself in my apartment for a few days now and I have to say, it’s kindof nice. I’ve taken over as much space as possible and my stuff is strewn throughout the apartment; it’s not going to make packing easier, but I’ll deal with that later.

During the upcoming week I will be splitting my time between my apartment, the video production room, the visitor center, and the gym.

I’ll be working a few hours everyday at the visitor center, answering questions that any prospective families may have, and directing them to their best source of information.

I’m also very excited to say that I can finally dedicate my time to working on some new features for the athletic department. Because I was so busy during the school year, I wasn’t able to do as much editing and producing as I would have liked to, but now that I have many hours of free time, I’ll finally be able to get a few features done for the team to stream after the new year.

Now that I have a lot of free time (and the fact that NO ONE is on campus), means prime gym time. I will finally be able to use the racks and machines that I want without feeling like I need to rush. An empty gym is one of my favorite things, and something that I am very much looking forward to taking advantage of.

Finally, I’m also going to take advantage of spending time with some of my friends who are still in Boston and on coop before I head out to Seattle for my own coop. I am once again going away, and this time I will actually have plenty of time to say goodbye to me friends before leaving. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re all older, and we know what we want and who we want to spend time with, but I feel like I’ve build some really good friendships in the past few months. This is a trend I’ve seen a lot in the past, it’s often the people that you meet later on, when you’re more mature, that end up being your lifelong friends. We were all, including myself, really annoying as freshmen, and now we’re older, wiser, and able to go out together, which makes a huge difference.

Enjoy this final full week before the holidays start; everything is going by much quicker than I ever thought it would.

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