A Belly Full of Turkey

Thanksgiving is all about the four F’s: Family, Friends, Football, and Food. My mom added Fun this year, which is true, but regardless, that’s what makes Thanksgiving fantastic. You don’t have to worry about getting anyone presents, there’s no religious barrier, and it’s somehow unifying that every single person who celebrates Thanksgiving eats the same thing.

This years Thanksgiving break was a ton of fun, and it was definitely filled with some delicious food.

The biggest surprise of the week was that we got five inches of snow at home. The storm raged all day on Wednesday and messed up our hockey plans for the night, but my mom and I took the time to bake our favorite holiday treats.

On Thanksgiving day, we headed to a family friends’ house for dinner, and I swear I ate from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. If you go home after Thanksgiving dinner and you don’t have a food baby, you’re definitely doing something wrong. Sharing some great food with some great people was definitely what I needed after many weeks away at school.

My mom loves to have Thanksgiving leftovers, so on Friday afternoon, we had Thanksgiving dinner part II, with our own turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, green beans, and gravy. It was absolutely delicious.

I headed back to Boston early Saturday morning so that I could be at both of the NU hockey games that were going on that day. First it was the womens team, and then the men’s team. The women unfortunately lost to Harvard (Hahvahd), but the men pulled a HUGE upset and beat Minnesota 3-2. When I say huge, I mean massive. That was only our third win of the season, and the Gophers are ranked 3rd in the nation. I’m still in slight shock that it happened, but it gives me hope for the rest of the season. The men have two more games before the new year, and both are extremely important if they want to have a good playoff run.

No matter what you did this Thanksgiving, I hope that it was exactly what you needed. I know I am definitely ready to go for the next few weeks before winter break.

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