Marathon at Matthews

Because I already spend a lot of time at Matthews, know that I don’t take that phrase lightly, so when I say that I will be spending an entire day at Matthews, I literally mean an entire day. It will most definitely be a marathon.

Even though I know that I will get very little sleep this weekend due to my schedule, I would take a busy weekend at Matthews over nearly anything else. It is my absolute favorite place on campus, and I am always excited to head there after a long day. I think everyone has a place like this; a place that is your sanctuary, where you feel at home no matter what. I know the rooms, and the walls, I know where the warm spots are, and I know pretty much everyone who works there. It feels more like home than my current apartment does, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what exactly is causing me to spend my entire weekend at the Historic Matthews Arena? Two club games, two womens hockey games, a men’s hockey game, and a men’s club game.

My marathon will start at 12:30pm on Saturday when I head over to Matthews and get ready to commentate the womens hockey game vs. UVM at 2pm (head over to GoNUxstream to catch the action). After their game ends, I’ll be changing into my interview clothes and get ready to sideline the men’s hockey game at 7pm. To end the day, I will be playing in a game of my own right after the men’s game ends. Cue my one and only break of the weekend.

I’ll be up bright and early the next morning as we’ll have a rematch of the previous nights game, at 730am. This will be followed by a long, and well deserved, shower. As soon as I finish up, I’m heading back to Matthews to catch the men’s club game (the one time I get to relax during a hockey game this weekend) before I commentate the second game of the women’s weekend series against UVM.

So that is my weekend. It’s very busy, but it’s filled with things that I love doing. The days that I get to spend in Matthews are the best days, and I definitely could not get by this weekend without the support of the incredibly awesome GoNUxstream staff, and my wonderful teammates.

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