Premiere on the Sideline

I’m back! I apologize for the six week hiatus, but October was an extremely busy month filled with classes, homework, work work, and hockey!

There has been so much hockey in my life over the past few months, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I joke to pretty much everyone that I practically live at Matthews, and if you ever need to find me, your best bet is probably to head there first. Not only have I been playing hockey with my club hockey team, but I have also been working the intramural hockey games, as well as commentating (and sidelining!) the DI mens and womens games. There are times when I am at Matthews for 18 hours over the span of two days, but to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

October 24th: First time on the sideline
October 24th: First time on the sideline

On October 24th, I made my debut on the sideline during the men’s hockey game vs UMass Amherst. When I got to the rink, I was a total ball of energy, so excited to finally get in front of the camera and be able to talk to the players. My first test came during the pre-game interview with one of the assistant coaches. I hadn’t thought too far ahead and had to come up with a few questions on the fly, but for my first interview, I think it went pretty well. I had a few sideline hits throughout the game, and was able to interview a player during each intermission. Once I knew who I was going to interview, I thought of the first question, and decided to wing-it on the the second one.

One of our supportive alumni took a screenshot during my first interview and I am very happy that he did.

Interview with #17
Interview with #17

My second game on the sideline came on November 8th vs UMass Lowell. The Huskies played a less than stellar game and ended up losing 5-0, but throughout the game, I somehow came up with some solid points; I guess it pays to know the sport that you’re talking about.

Doing the interviews has allowed for me to really be comfortable talking in front of a large audience. I’ll be honest, some of my questions and statements might not make the most sense because I’m making them up on the fly, but I am always able to get my point across, and that’s what really matters.

That was one of those busy days at Matthews because I started off the day with a 9am game vs UConn (which we won 2-0 (shutout woo!)), and was followed by a womens hockey game at 2pm which I commentated. I stopped by my apartment a few times during the day, but finally being able to get into bed after the last game felt so good.

The last game I sidelined happened last night, November 8th, vs UNH. Coming in with an 0-8-1 record, the Huskies battled back from a 1-0 deficit to beat the Wildcats 2-1 in front of a 3600+ crowd at Matthews. The atmosphere was absolutely electric and I am so glad that I was able to witness their first win (of many). For the game, I decided to shake up my outfit and wear my brand new red blazer, a contrast to my conservative black one that I had sported in the past. It paid off.


I think that #redblazer was thing for a total of 10 minutes, but it made it’s mark. It will be making an appearance during the next home game.

The reason I wanted to write about this is because this is my way of encouraging everyone to try something different. Three years ago I never thought that I could/would be down on the sideline talking to the DI hockey players as they get off the ice, and actually be good at it. I have learned so much from everyone who works for GoNUxstream and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team. They all work so hard to make sure that I look good when I am talking, whether it’s on camera or off. So do something different, try something new, and see where it takes you.

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