Homemade Everything

A few summers ago, my mom went blueberry picking at a local farm, and must have brought home over five pounds of blueberry’s. She then went on to make 10 tupperwares of blueberry jam.
This summer, she decided to build on the blueberry jam after traveling to South Carolina and buying over 10 pounds of peaches. And so the summer of the homemade preserves started.

Last weekend I came home from school, and my mom asked if I could help her make some more peach jam. I said of course, and we got cracking.

The first thing you do when you make peach jam is that you have to peel the peaches. In order to get the skin off easily, you have to boil the peaches for 90 seconds and then soak them in hot water. The skin should then slide right off, especially if you’re using older peaches. You then cut them up and put them in a saucepan. Since I did the cutting, I decided that the peach jam would be better if the peach pieces were chunkier, and that’s exactly what I did. After adding the sugar and the pectin to the peaches in the saucepan, we canned them and put them in our brand new pressure cooker to turn them into real jam cans. I’m proud to say that my first ever batch of peach jam turned out delicious, as I finally ate some today with a freshly made scone.

My own Peach Jam
My own Peach Jam

Not only did I make my own peach jam, but I also helped make some peach salsa last night.

We got back from our hike up Overlook Mountain (which I will write about tomorrow), and after a deserving shower, I jumped right into helping with the peach salsa. I had been given the task of peeling and cutting the peaches. Since the peaches were “younger”, it was a lot harder to peel them, but I eventually got it done and started chopping. While I was doing that, my mom was cutting the jalapeno peppers, red peppers, onions, and other veggies that went into the salsa. After we mixed everything together and let it simmer, we canned the salsa and sealed the jars in the pressure cooker. I have not tried the salsa yet, but once I do, I will update this blog.

It seems as though my mom has caught canning bug, and I have so say, that it is a ton of fun and extremely satisfying to make something, and know that you can eat it at any time. Making the jam and the salsa has also been a good bonding experience. Even though we’re totally concentrated on cutting the vegetables and stirring the mixture, we’re spending a ton of time together and sharing in the experience.

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