A good hike

Hiking has quickly become one of my favorite things to do; you can get a solid workout in, and you usually find a good view at the end. I haven’t been on too many hikes, and most of them haven’t been too difficult, but I’m always excited to try something different.

Back in March, my mom and I hiked Mt. Beacon, which was a big mistake.

Why was it a huge mistake? Because the entire trail was a river of ice. And I literally mean a river. There was a solid three inches of ice on the whole trail. When we got back to the car after a strenuous three hours, both of couldn’t really believed that we had survived without any injuries. The best though, was when we met another hiker and my mom said “a piece of advice I wish someone had told me, don’t go up there.” I did not stop laughing until we got home.

On July 5th, my brother and I went on the same hike, but instead of ending at the clearing, we decided to keep going and make it all the way to the fire tower. I’m very glad we did because during my hike today with my mom, I knew where I was going, or at least where I was supposed to go, the whole way up.

So the hike up mount beacon starts out pretty rough. It’s a solid mile and a half of going up, and there are a ton of rocks that you have to step over. If you don’t like doing stairs, then this is not the hike for you. Once you get to the clearing, getting to the water tower is a cinch. You’re already 450+ vertical feet up, and the fire tower is only an additional 150 feet. The extra 20 minutes to the fire tower is absolutely worth it. Once you get there, you’re greeter with fantastic views, and if you look closely, you can even see the New York City skyline. It’s so incredibly cool that you can see this, it’s just something you need to see for yourself.

After taking some sweet pictures, we headed back down the mountain. Once we got back to the car, the feeling was much different, it was a really happy tired. As we were driving away, my mom said “can’t wait to do that again. That was a ton of fun.”

I can’t wait to go on my next hike.

Coming up to the Mt. Beacon Fire Tower
Coming up to the Mt. Beacon Fire Tower

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