I lift things up and put them down

I lift things up and put them down.

If you don’t get the reference, watch the Planet Fitness commercial; it is absolutely priceless.

Yes, I lift things up and put them down, but I also do many other things as part of my workout. It’s important to me to work many different parts of the body, but it’s even more important to have variety within my workout.

I have tried many different kinds of workouts throughout the years to see what sticks, and I have found something that I love. My fellow coach at the Monarchs used to play both FH and Lacrosse at RPI, and kept her off-season training booklet. She sent it to me when we were planning for conditionings, and since I’ve gotten back to school, I’ve actually been sticking with it and following the plan.

What I love most about this training plan is the variety of exercises that you have to perform. In a typical week, there are three lift days, two conditioning days, and two days of rest. Every single day with an exercise is different. The first lift day is not the same as the third, and it helps to keep things interesting. I’ve never really been lifting before I started this workout because I didn’t have a plan, but now that everything is laid out, it’s much easier to get into the lifts, and to up the weights.

And oh my god the conditionings. The lifts are of course challenging, but they’re nothing compared to the conditionings. I’ve only been rotating through the two conditionings in the first of the three phases of the training plan, but they are difficult. And by difficult, I mean extremely hard and incredibly awesome at the same time. In order to feel like I’m workout out, I need to be sweating, and with the sprints, I usually am after the first three minutes. One of the conditionings that I’ve done involved sprinting a full lap around a track (400M), resting for 2:00 minutes, and then doing it again…six times. That was tough. I am not a track person and I was absolutely exhausted after the third sprint. Another one that I like is called “Hell Racers”. It goes as follows: 5 Squat Jumps, 4 Burpees, 3 five yard lateral shuffles out and back, 2 15 yards sprint forward and backpedal back, 1 30 yard sprint out and back, with a 1:30 rest. Hell Racers are awesome because there are so many different exercises within one sprint, and they go by really quick.

It’s important to find a workout that fits your schedule and your style. I’ve always craved the hard conditionings that NCAA Strength & Conditioning programs offer, and I am so glad that I’ve found one that I can use.

I also really enjoy taking Group Fitness classes because I’m always really motivated to work harder when I’m with an instructor/trainer and when other people are around. I would really recommend the Les Mills program; it’s intense, the instructors and thoroughly screened, and the workouts change and new songs and mixes are added every three-four months. My favorite class to take was by FAR Body Combat. It’s a mixed martial arts inspired workout, and you get so in the zone that it’s often hard to stop you from going all out. All of the punching that I did really helped tone my back and arm muscles, and I am proud to say that with the help of Body Combat, and Body Pump, I now have biceps.

Although I joke that I’m “getting swoll”, I’m really just getting toned and getting fit.

But I do lift things up and put them down.

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