How to survive a long car ride by yourself

This summer, I am doing a lot of solo driving; from Boston, back to NY, and to various lacrosse tournaments in NJ and Delaware. During these long car rides, I need to keep myself entertained; I could never just sit there in silence and drive for three hours. So how do I keep myself entertained during these long car rides?

Simple, I pick a radio station or a playlist that has a lot of songs I know, and I sing as loud as I possibly can. Usually it’s a pop station with all of the latest songs that have been playing on the radio for the past few weeks. I’ve been on a country kick for a while, and right now the song that I’m belting out at the top of my lungs is Round Here by Florida Georgia Line. Listening to a comedian can also make the time pass quickly. Anytime when you’re preoccupied laughing or singing is a good thing.

Enjoy your road trip, wherever it takes you.

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