Don’t ever take AC for granted

That’s right, you heard me. Don’t ever, and I mean EVER, take your air conditioning for granted.

My apartment in Boston is a fairly old apartment, and one thing that it very much lacks is any type of central air. Don’t get me wrong, we have heat (which works too well because it’s about 90 degrees in the winter too), but lacking the air conditioning is really tough right now.

The good news though is that all of the buildings on campus have AC, so they are always super cool. Regardless, I do break a sweat just walking from my apartment to my classes (which is a total distance of 200 yards).

I bought myself a fan, which is definitely helping, but it is not nearly a nice as having some sort of cooling system. The library on campus is open 24/7 and I am seriously considering going there and taking a nice nap on the 4th floor, otherwise known as the quiet floor.

It probably sounds like I’m really complaining about not having AC, and I kindof am, but suffering now will definitely push me to making sure that I will be able to live in a place with AC (and heat) when I’m older.

So kids, never take your AC for granted. If it’s too cold in your house, realize that you could be sitting in a 75 degree room, with a humidity of 80%, and trust me, that is not somewhere you want to be.

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