A little family bet…

So yesterday, before the France/Germany game, everyone in my family made a bracket for the rest of the tournaments.

The remaining games were France/Germany, Brazil/Columbia, Argentina/Belgium, and Holland/Costa Rica.

The interesting thing is that we all picked a different team to win.

My dad, the French Canadian, picked France to go all the way. Unfortunately, the French team couldn’t get one past the giant German goalie, and he was out.

I had picked Columbia to win the whole thing, and if you watched the game yesterday, you’ll know that Brazil beat them 2-1 and are moving on.

Finally we have my mom and my brother. My mom picked Germany to win, and my brother picked Holland. The Holland/Costa Rica game is currently going on, and could decide the fate of yet another one of our brackets. And if I were to make an educated guess, I’d say that Germany bests Brazil in the semi-final (Neymar, the star player for Brazil is out, and they just haven’t been playing as well as they could).

I personally think that it will be a Germany/Argentina final, but we’ll have to see what happens. As long as Messi can get past the German Giant, I think they’ll be able to take the World Cup to Argentina.

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